How Many Words in a Self-Help Book?

The question, “How many words in a self help book?” can be answered in an easy and succinct way. The answer depends on what the author has written. If the author has written a very good book, then most likely you will have a very large book containing tons of useful information about whatever problem you are trying to solve.

The other reason for the question “How many words in a self help book?” is because every person has a different learning style. You may be a fast reader, while others may prefer a slower more relaxed pace. No matter what your personal learning style, you will need to find an appropriate self help book that fits your needs.

A good example of a book with many words is the New York Times Bestseller “The Secret.” This self-help guide was written by Charles Kuralt. Kuralt knew that creating a book that contained too many words would not interest anyone and would in fact make the book difficult to read for many people. He included only those words that were necessary to relay the message. As you read this text, you are encouraged to absorb the meaning and use the words as needed.

Another example of a book with very few words is the National Enquirer Best Sellers. This article was written by Dan Palleschi. It lists some of the top ten best selling self help books in the country. If you were to use this article to answer the question, “How many words in a self-help book,” it would be safe to assume that “The Secret” would be listed at the top of the list.

Example: (about 1000 words)

Of course, when answering the question, “How many words in a self help book?” it is important to remember the author and the topic of the book. If it was written by an author with expertise on weight loss it would likely contain hundreds of well-organized words. However, if the book was written by a layperson who only has knowledge of weight loss it may not have many words written with meaning. The most important element of how many words in a self-help book is to know the target audience. If the target audience is students learning a new language then the book may very well contain dozens of words written with an adult audience in mind.

There are many sources to help in finding the number of words in a self help book. The best way to learn is by asking others who have used the help or are using the help today. Word count should not be relied on and should be taken into account when figuring out how many words in a self-help book are necessary. An important part of any self-help program is motivation. If a reader does not have enough motivation for the program they will most likely not finish it and the effort will be lost.